To our valued partners,

The ÓAM Ózdi Acélművek Kft (Ózd Steelworks, Ltd.) is a modern and efficient plant in Hungary, producing and selling hot rolled reinforcing bars, round bars, wire-rods and welded meshes. Its steel-making plant, realized as a green-field investment project, has been inaugurated in August 2000. Thus the 150-year tradition of steel production in Ózd is set to continue.

The ÓAM Kft. was purchased by the Max Aicher GmbH & Co. from Germany in the frame of a privatization process on 23 May 1997. The Max Aicher Group, that has been successful in the areas of construction, real estate, steel and environment for decades, has won a reputation in both Europe and beyond. The ÓAM, a proud member of the Group, fits this diversity excellently.

Our new steel plant, that produces base material for our rolling lines, comprises a modern electric arc furnace with a liquid-steel capacity of 60 tons per charge, equipped with an electronically controlled bottom-tapping system. It also possesses a ladle furnace, a continuous casting machine with four strands as well as modern supplementary equipment to protect our environment. The arc furnace uses scrap metal as base material as well as various additives.

ÓAM's rod and bar products are made by hot-rolling, according to standards MSZ and DIN. The rolling mill (a conti-rolling system) has a nominal capacity of about 360 000 tons a year. It is suitable for producing reinforcing bars and rounds with diametres of 8 - 40 mm as well as wires with diametres of 7-14 mm.

Our latest products that are easily weldable and highly tensile are produced in bars, meeting always the highest demands by strictly adhering to the standards B 500 B, B 500 C as well as the Austrian OAM 550 B ÖNORM B 4707:2010.

Our efforts in the field of research have resulted in the development of cold-streched and ribbed, re-spooled high-tensile rebars, gained from hot rolled reinforcing bars. A continued drive to widen our selection has brought an impressive range of welded meshes to the market. We make sure that both our products and quality-control process meet the ISO 9001 standard. We consider it equally important to fully comply with environmental-protection regulations to help save our environment.

The aim of our continuing efforts is to serve our long-time and prospective partners in both Hungary and abroad.

- quickly,
- reliably,
- with quality-insured products and,
- at the most competitive prices possible.

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