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The hot rolled reinforcing wire in coils gets a ribbing by cold-forming.

Sizes: 4; 4.2; 5; 5.5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10mm

Quality: BHB 55.50 MSZ 982:1987
  B 500 A DIN 488-1;3:2009-08

Finishing: coils weighing appr. 2-3 to, tied in four places with steel strips.


Flat wire meshes are produced by electric spot welding and single wire arrangement according to the standards as follows: DIN488-4:2009-08 and MSZ5761:1987. Steel meshes are produced from cold-formed wires with ribbed surface.

BHS - BHB und B 500 A: Cold-formed plain or ribbed rod-wires according to MSZ982:1987, DIN 488-1;3:2009-08

Composition, size, rib and running meter mass meet the requirements of relevant standards.

Data of welded flat steel meshes (4; 4.2; 5; 6mm)

  Length of meshes Width of meshes
Dim. [mm] max. 6000 2150
Tolerance[%] +-0.5 +-0.5


Data of welded flat steel meshes (7; 8; 9; 10mm)

  Length of meshes Width of meshes
Dim. [mm max. 8100 2400
Tolerance[%] +-0.5 +-0.5

We are also ready to satisfy special needs based on separate agreement.


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